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Smart Orbiter V3.0 By LDO Motors


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Smart Orbiter v3.0, a brand new innovative all in one dual drive extruder.

The main mission of this design is the integration o the well proven Orbiter v2 concept into a lightweight all in one smart extruder.

Why smart? This is the first extruder with integrated electronics. Together with Klipper, it is an awesome combination I guarantee!

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1. Features And Performance

This brand new all in one extruder design with many cool features we call Smart Orbiter v3.0  is one of my latest and finest extruder design made in collaboration with LDO Motors. The extrusion system concept and mechanical performances are similar to the Orbiter v2.0 but completely redesigned from ground up.

Summary of the coolest features

ü Pure plated copper heat-block with 72W ceramic heater and Bontech CHT nozzle for highest possible weight VS flow ratio;

ü Heat-break performance optimized with finite elements analysis for extreme temperature gradient to ensure clogless free printing experience;

ü Unique tensioning mechanism with elastic predefined tension levels

ü Frameless recessed fan to reduce the extruder weight and outside dimension

ü Large RNC coated dual drive gears with planetary gear reduction, similar to orbiter v2.0

ü New precision main shaft design to reduce gear eccentricity

ü Full aluminum housing with Delrin plastic gears for low noise and long lifetime

ü The smart feature – integrated electronics

ü Easy remove system of the secondary drive gear for easy cleaning and maintenance

ü Double filament exit guide system for best TPU printing performance

ü Overall weight is 175g

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 9 cm


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