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Upgraded V2.0 Hotend For Bambu Lab X1 X1C


Generic Make High Quality Hotend

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Upgraded 2.0 Hot End for Bambu Lab X1, X1C 3D Printers. Can work for other printers also with compatible mount.

Overall Maximum Temperature: 320℃.

Use the TZ 2.0 hot end print flow up to 35mm³/s

Small size lightweight: Aluminum heatsink with integrated pipe heating block and replaceable threaded nozzle.

Titanium alloy screw fixation: The heating block is connected to the radiator by two titanium alloy screws to avoid bending and breaking and breaking of the pipe during high-speed printing.

Add chrome-zirconium copper: Adding a chrome zirconium copper surround to the heat break Better heat dissipation.

One-piece interference fit between heat break and heating block: The structure of the heat break is upgraded and the step limit is added at the cooperation with the heating block to solve the phenomenon of material leakage and the phenomenon of shedding.

Heating block nozzle upgrade: 

The heating block is upgraded to chrome-zirconium copper nickel plating treatment, high-temperature printing resistance, and fast heat conduction.

The nozzle is made of hardened steel SKD11 after quenching and hardening treatment, 550 degrees above, more wear-resistant, prolonging the service life.

Nozzle structure upgrade: Adopt threaded connection between heating block and heat break to solve the phenomenon of falling off, and can be disassembled and replaced to reduce the cost of use.

Heat break and nozzle inner wall roughness Ra 0.4: Reduce plugging phenomenon and improve print quality.

Top screw holds the heat break:  The heatsink and the heat break are fixed by the top wire, the connection is stable, and can be removed and replaced to reduce the use cost.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 cm


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