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PEY Spring Steel Sheet


PEY Spring Steel Sheet For Bambu Labs 3D Printer, Voron 3D Printer & Other 3D Printers

One Side Plain PEY & Other Side Textured PEI, With Magnetic Sheet

Available in 2 Sizes,

  • 257X257mm – For Bambu 3D Printers
  • 310X310mm – For Voron & other 3D Printers

Print Instructions:

1. Install the spring steel sheet on your 3D printer bed (magnetic sheet available).

2. Suggestion of printing filament:

PEY surface suitable for PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS;

PEI surface suitable for PLA /PETG/ABS/TPU/ASA /PVA/PET/PA/PC etc.

3. Suggestion of printing temperature:

PLA/TPU set 60℃~65℃;

PETG set 70℃~80℃;

ABS set 85℃~100℃.

4. Take off the sheet from printer bed.

5. Let the spring steel sheet cool to ambient temperature after print is complete and bend the sheet slightly, you can easy to take the model.

6. Use a wet tissue or alcohol tissue clean the plate surface.



1.PEY has star pattern, make the model beautiful

2. All build plate has double-sided printing surface, convenient and practical, save and protect environment.

3. PEI high temperature resistance, good scratch resistance, adhesive strongly.

4. No glue, easy to use.

5. Anti-warping and strong stickiness.

6. Stainless spring steel, good flatness, easy to take the mode.

7. Easy to clean, just wipe it off with a wet tissue or alcohol before printing.


Package Includes:

1X PEY Spring Steel Sheet (With Magnetic Sheet)

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

257X257mm, 310X310mm


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